Better Workforce Management Training and Learning

One of the most overlooked areas of workforce management among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 500 or fewer employees is training and learning. Too many companies only go through the most rudimentary of compliance trainings delivered using outdated, inefficient methods such as the traditional instructor-led classroom that leaves many workers bored and disengaged. Better workforce management training and learning can easily be achieved if your company uses the right web-based learning management system (LMS).


Use an LMS for Better Workforce Management Training Metrics

If you know what an LMS is, you might be thinking it’s geared more towards offering employees learning content that is longer or more complex than most of your training needs. Not true! The whole point of an LMS is to make all the learning that needs to happen in your company easier for employees to access and complete, including any and all types of training.


Even when some of the training you need is best delivered in-person or through a blended approach of in-person and online methods, the LMS is still your go-to resource to deliver, track and manager all training and learning in your company. One of the major benefits of using an LMS is for centralized tracking and monitoring of training so you have the data you need to evaluate the effectiveness of training and identify opportunities for improvements, both in your content and for addressing and filling any skills or knowledge gaps in your workers.


Is an LMS the Right Tool for Better Workforce Management Training

You might also be wondering about the relevancy of the LMS as a tool for training and learning. After all, haven’t people talked about the death of the traditional LMS with the rise of new technologies that make use of the latest technologies on the rise? This is when it’s important to keep in mind the context. Yes, the very largest corporations are beginning to use technologies that go well beyond the capabilities of the traditional LMS – but those companies have the time and resources to be on the cutting edge. If they’re moving beyond the LMS (a debatable point, to be sure), it’s because they can afford to.


The truth is that for the vast majority of the country’s nearly six million SMEs, there are hundreds of LMS options capable of handling all your company’s training and learning needs for many years to come – and the LMS products continue to evolve and adapt to emerging technologies in surprisingly effective ways. There are still many thousands of SMEs who have not adopted an effective web-based LMS, and this is holding them back from achieving better workforce management training.


ROI Revealed Through Better Workforce Management Training

If your company has never been able to draw a clear line between its training and learning programs and how they impact the bottom line of your business, it’s important to know that the right LMS can be used to determine the return on investment (ROI) of your efforts. This depends, of course, on making sure your training programs are clearly linked to business goals, but what the LMS does is collect and analyze the kind of data you need to calculate ROI. A well-known business adage is this: If you don’t measure it, you can manage it. A good LMS is your key tool to both measure and manage training and learning at your company.


Streamlined Administration with Better Workforce Management Training

Many of the administrative tasks related to conducting trainings at your company can be streamlined with the automation features of a good LMS. Assigning different trainings to specific groupings of employees can happen with a few clicks. You’ll have 24/7/365 instant visibility into who has completed which trainings and how well they did. Communicating with workers about what trainings they need to take and within what timeframe is simple when everyone is logging into the same centralized LMS platform, which can typically be customized with your company’s brand and configured to meet your company’s unique training needs and requirements.


If you’re a growing SME in need of better workforce management training, now is the time to explore web-based CaptureWork and its robust but easy-to-use learning management system, including a robust library of 850+ video courses on a wide variety of compliance and other business topics. In addition to its LMS, CaptureWork also includes leave tracking, employee scheduling, time clock functionality and HR document handling. It is your go-to solution for 21st century workforce management at prices your SME can afford!